An Observation of Blue



1 ‘Nearing the Shore’ Acrylic on Canvas 16 cm H x 40 cm W
Painted from a close observation shortly after a March storm in the Gulf of Mexico. It focuses on the still tumultuous water over rocks close to the shore. The sky had quickly cleared and the vivid blue had returned but sea had yet to calm. £90

2 ‘Contemplating the Blue’ Chinese Brush Painting on Canvas 60 cm H x 42 cm W
A strong interest in forms of Oriental Art and a fascination with the almost blue mountains which can be seen at National Park, brought me to imagination two Chinese Scholars venerating nature and observing the Blue.
Although Chinese Brush Painting usually relies on the nature of the paper on which it is painted as much as the Chinese brush which paints it, I thought that it would be interesting to attempt to recreate this effect on canvas. £120