Jay Fox-Davies MA


Artist’s Statement:

‘Where the spirit does not work with the hand, there is no art.’ Leonardo da Vinci.

With all of my work, I hope to communicate with my audience, to express my thoughts and feelings in such a way that it impacts on my viewer’s consciousness, whether it is by the emotion it invokes, positive or negative, the story it tells, or the questions it raises.'

Her MA work, held by ArtSlant with whom she was an International ArtSlant Showcase winner, will live on as a resource in two digital archives: the Library of Congress and the New York Art Resources Consortium (NYARC).
‘Library of Congress
Initially, the ArtSlant archive will be available to researchers at Library facilities and by special arrangement. After one year, the Library may also make the collection available more broadly by hosting it on its public access website.’
The New York Art Resources Consortium will also include ArtSlant in its web archive collections. NYARC comprises the research libraries of The Brooklyn Museum, The Frick Collection, and The Museum of Modern Art. These libraries are committed to “enabling access to the broadest possible range of print materials related to art and art history,” and now they are also making archival copies of important web resources for preservation and access purposes. ' ArtSlant Archive

Jay enjoys experimenting with process and materials. This results in a broad variety of work. She feels a great affinity for Leonardo with his avid curiosity and mercurial spirit.

'Different World - Different Rules' has its starting point in Hiroshige prints. Like Van Gogh and Hockney, her work has been influenced by the old masters of the orient. Even that which employs the leaf as a metaphor for the human condition in 'The Circle of Life' series refers oriental elements.

Most Recent work - in progress - 'Beyond' plays with how the brain interprets what they eye sees, attempting to give the viewer an almost 3D experience with 2D works in watercolour. Refer Bridget Riley and Gombrich and of course, Van Gogh and Hockney.

The size of images vary, however they are only limited by the size of her work space. Her curiosity and imagination has no bounds.

About the Artist:

Jay’s first introduction to formal art was when her father, having seen how she loved to draw and paint, bought her an encyclopedia of art when she was eight years of age. The images of the great masters' work caught her imagination and held her heart. She was fortunate that in Primary School in Scotland the arts were recognized and encouraged. Further inspiration came from school visits to see great original works in galleries in Glasgow and Edinburgh. The painting which had the greatest impact was Salvidor Dali's 'Christ of St John of the Cross'.
Unfortunately because of family circumstances, she was unable to pursue her creative dreams and her first degree was a business degree, specializing in computer programming and marketing. After several years in business, information technology and latterly in education, she combined her business experience and interest in art, to become a mentor for Prince’s Trust and assisted young clients in setting up one of the first on-line art gallery businesses.

Eventually life relented and she was able to concentrate on developing her own creativity and with the encouragement of tutors, to whom she shall be forever grateful, applied for acceptance on an Oxford Brookes University MA Course in Fine Art Drawing, straight from a Foundation Course in Art and Design, without first studying for a BA. She graduated with an MA in Fine Art Drawing for Fine Art Practice in 2015.

Jay has exhibited in the UK and France and was honoured to be selected by the Society of Graphic Fine Artists to exhibit in ‘Draw 15’ at the Menier Gallery, in London. She was also one of the 90 artists selected to draw in the grounds of Windsor Castle in celebration of HM the Queen's 90th Birthday Celebrations.

She has had drawings published in the UK and in the US.

One of only ten artists selected to draw in the Moat Garden of Windsor Castle in celebration of Her Majesty the Queen's 90th Birthday. This area is not usually open to the public.

Talks etc:

Past administrator for Drawing Room Gallery London’s Network Forum

Interpretation of Tutankhamen published in Dr Tyldesley’s book, ‘Tutankhamen’s Curse: The developing history of an Egyptian king’ available from Amazon. Published UK and USA.

Drawing published in Diamond Jubilee Publication ‘Best of Britain’

Spoke about her work at Ashmolean Museum, Oxford

Took part in workshop re Public Sculpture for Great Western Park and is currently contributing to the creation and selection of a piece of public art for Harwell which will tell Harwell's story, past and present and will carry it into the future.

About her work Jacob Jenkins of "International Contemporary Masters”, a leading juried annual art publication presenting noteworthy artists from all over the world, said ‘2d and 3d mixed media pieces are cutting edge and experimental’ and ‘I was drawn to the works in your drawing and painting folder for their pure aesthetic quality’.

Ex-Member of the new Science Oxford Focus Group

Long term member of Mensa, also former MIDPM, MIITT

Very honoured to be invited to become an Associate Member of Magdalen Road Studios, Oxford’s first artist-run Studios/workshop/Exhibition space.

Invited to become Co-head for Visual Arts Wing of Fledgling Arts Collective

Studio in Oxfordshire.

Cornerstone Arts – Selection panel member

All images in this e-portfoilio are © J Fox-Davies

Work in private collections in UK and Europe.



Artist and Designer, Oxfordshire


EdX Certificate of Achievement

Trinity College, Hartford, Connecticut

Science in Art: The Chemistry of Art Materials and Conservation 100% Pass

EdX Certificate

Tsinghau University, Tsinghau, China

Western and Chinese Art: Masters and Classics 100% Pass

MA Fine Art

Oxford Brookes University, Oxfordshire, GB


Semi-Finalist National Open Art Competition Chichester Art Trust

Windsor en Plein Air Queen’s 90th Birthday Windsor & Maidenhead

90 Artists selected, in celebration of HM The Queen’s 90th, to work within the grounds of Windsor Castle. This is not usually allowed.

Selected for presentation Society of Graphic Fine Artists

Honoured to be one of the few non-members to be selected.

‘International Postcard Show Competition’ – Runner Up Surface Gallery, Nottingham,

Test pieces for larger ‘Beauty and the Beast’ works

A Winner of the International Artslant Showcase Awards 2013 Artslant

for Tenebrae work (Deforestation of Rainforest)

Selected to be part of Culture Wall, Londonderry City of Culture Londonderry Dept of Culture


‘Best of Britain’ Corinium Museum, Cirencester

Selected for Jubilee Art Publication

Top Rated Artist 2009 Paintings I Love


Different World – Different Rules at Open Studio, Oxfordshire, UK

Windsor En Plein Aire at Guildhall Windsor, Windsor, UK

HM Queen Elizabeth’s 90th Birthday Celebration at Windsor Castle, Windsor, UK

90 Artists selected, in celebration of HM The Queen’s 90th, to work within the grounds of Windsor Castle. This is not usually allowed.

Pettern at Cornerstone Gallery, Oxfordshire, GB

Aspect – Lines of Perception at West Oxfordshire Art Gallery, Bampton, Oxfordshire

A unique exhibition of the work of MA Fine Art Drawing Exhibiting Group of graduates and students.

SGFA Draw 15 at Menier Gallery , 51 Southwark Street, London, SE1 1RU.

MA Graduate Show at The Mission, Swindon, GB

Reinventing Research: The Messy Process at The Glass Tank, Oxford, UK

Multi-disciplinary exhibition. Sketchbooks selected to represent art research.

International Postcard Show at Surface Gallery, Nottingham, UK

Runner-Up (test pieces for larger works)

Imaginarium at La Grange, Loubieng, France

Pintar Rapido London at Chelsea Old Town Hall , London

All work sold

Portraits at Cornerstone Gallery, Oxfordshire, GB

for Oxfordshire Art Weeks

Pencil Power at RKB Gallery, London, UK


The Colour Green at Cornerstone Gallery, Oxfordshire, GB

All work sold

Art Duo at White Cottage Gallery, Oxfordshire

Work sold

The Mind’s Eye at Off White Gallery, Swindon, GB


Memories of Home at La Grange, Loubieng, France

The Invisibles – ‘Now You See It’ at Cornerstone Gallery, Oxfordshire, GB

Best of Britain at Corinium Museum, Cirencester, GB

Also selected for Jubillee Publication ‘Best of Britain’ for HM Queen Elizabeth II

International Postcard Show at Surface Gallery, Nottingham, GB

Art in Woodstock at Real Wood Furniture Gallery, Woodstock, GB

Glass and Shadow Drawings

The Body Unleashed at La Grange, Loubieng, France

Sculpture in the Orchard at The Orchard, Little Wittenham, GB

Metal Sculpture – Oxfordshire Art Weeks

Dance, Music and Movement at West Oxfordshire Arts, Bampton, Oxfordshire, UK

Exhibition in a well known Oxfordshire Village which was used in scenes in Downton Abbey.


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