Beauty and the Beast


Part of the ‘Circles of Life’ Works

The style of the drawings has emerged from an interest in Japonisme and Ukiyo – e principles, with an element of Wabi – Sabi. They are a marrying of East and West. They are also unique at the time of creation in that the leaves are composed wholly of tiny, time consuming drawn circles and ovals.

Beauty and the Beast

1 ‘Remembering’ c. 155 cm H x 107 cm W
Drawing Mixed Media (Metallic Ink, Acrylic Paint on Paper) £2100 Framed

At the time of drawing, the number of people close to me who have died or are currently being treated for cancer were seven dead and two under treatment, with two people who were acquaintances rather than friends, one dead and two receiving treatment. This piece is a tribute to the lives of all those wonderful unique people who have fought this disease so bravely. Some have passed on but still ultimately have won, because in the next life they are whole.

The effect of the acrylic ground on the metallic pens creates a subtle dulling effect like mist spreading in patches across a frosty forest floor. It expresses thoughts of how this disease can remain hidden until sometimes too late. All the close family and friends who have been affected or who have died were and are beautiful intricate people and so the, beauty of the eight sets of leaves, one for each person, symbolises their beauty, their unique make up and their intricacy of character. The mutable blue green of the ‘sprigs’ of the cancer, at variance with the gold and russet of the leaves, invades each one. All of the leaves are imperfect. All fall to the forest floor where their composition breaks down, but still, even in their decay and fragility, there remains beauty.

2 ‘The 50% Winner’ c 107 cm H x 83 cm W Framed
Drawing Mixed Media (Metallic Ink, Acrylic Paint on Paper) £1800 Framed

This piece is a celebration of there being currently more than a 50% chance of surviving cancer.

(One of two pieces chosen by the Society of Graphic Fine Artists for their annual London Exhibition.)

3 "Hope' 100 cm H x 75 cm W
Drawing Mixed Media (Metallic Ink, Golden Foil, Acrylic Paint on Paper) £1800 Framed

4 ‘Compassion’ 150 cm H x 100 cm W
Drawing Mixed Media (Metallic Ink, Acrylic Spray Paint on Canvas) £1800

It is the hope of many that this life is but a prelude to a better life, that when we transcend this mortal life, we are purified, refined and made whole. It also represents a hope that a cure will be found and that all will be made whole.