The Invisibles

Art in Woodstock

This work was selected for exhibition at Art in Woodstock, at one of the town’s major venues, The Real Wood Furniture Company, where it was very well received. I hope, in the future to do work for the former Precentor of Coventry Cathedral, the Reverend Cannon Adrian Daffern, who expressed an interest in my work.

Among the other artists exhibiting were Jeffrey Kroll and Martin Hayward-Harris. Jeffrey Kroll’s work has been exhibited in many countries, including Paris – The Louvre, Harrods – London,
New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Turin, and, Mexico City. Martin Hayward-Harris was shortlisted for the Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition 2011. Exhibited as finalist in DSWF Wildlife Artist of The Year. 2011. Selected for Exhibition in Vancouver Canada with Artists for Conservation. A surprise visitor during the festival was the well-known artist, speaker and author Thomas Kincade.

Portraiture using shadow, is I believe a world first and is based on my earlier work using shadow to portray common dream archetypes.

Currently, there is an ever-growing worship of youth and celebrity in Western culture. Wisdom and experience are undervalued, and with this, the bearers of the wisdom and experience, the elderly.

Surprisingly, once the mid-fifties are reached, unless there is celebrity status, no matter what the achievements or contributions to society have been in the past, or continue to be in the present, the over fifties start to disappear. They start to become Invisible. Unfortunately, this is especially apparent in some hospitals, where many older people have died through malnutrition and neglect, despite the efforts of their families.

All of the people, of mature years, that you see in these portraits are achievers or have contributed to society and continue to do so. One is the designer of the MGB, who still travels abroad to give talks, another is a politician who is very active in his council role, one was a trustee of a charity and has done other charitable work, and one has taken roles in community organizations for over fifty years. All of them continue to be active in the artist’s local community and are personally known by the artist. They may be physically slower, however their minds are as vibrant as twenty year olds, but with the added benefit of years of experience. They are the glue that binds and turns a village, or a town, into a community, yet, by those of not so mature an age, they are often cast in the role of shadows of their former selves.

The viewers were invited to be part of the work. During the festival, the models for the work visited Woodstock. Visitors to the exhibition were asked to acknowledge them, and even if mistaken, to know that acknowledging anyone of mature years, will make an Invisible become Visible, if only for a moment. Visitors were also asked to leave comments in the comment book. Those written by an ‘invisibles’, validated the work.

Portrait, Glass, Engraving, Etching, Shadow, Installation