‘Perchance to Dream’


This journey started with an essay on the perception of dream across cultures and ages and looked at the scientific, psychological and metaphysical aspects of dream and, of course, dream’s creative contribution to surrealism.

Because I once studied therapeutic counseling, I decided my main approach would be to investigate dream archetypes, with emphasis on those of Jung, and to portray at least one image of these. I also investigated common dream actions such as running, flying, falling and feelings, such as being nude and fear.

The images were to be portrayed in a way that would underline the ethereal and ephemeral quality of dream.

I attended the Miro Retrospective at Tate Modern, and chased down a significant Miro to the Atrium Gallery in N. Spain. I took a lesson on a flight simulator and had a glider flying lesson to get the feel of flying and took some aerial shots of Oxford. I visited Futuroscope to get more aerial shots and to obtain photographs of its strange architecture. I later decided that stand alone figures would be more effective without the distraction of a background.

I experimented with a variety of methods and media, including working on perspex, paper, acetate and glass, using encaustic wax, ink, pencil, bleach, acrylic paint, crystal paint and glass paint, painting, scrunching, drawing, bleaching, etching and engraving.

I finally selected glass engraving and etching, within an installation to create shadow, a representation of dream state and the id.

Painting, Engraving, Etching, Glass, Installation