The Dryad Series – Combines interest in figure, nature and storytelling:

‘Willow Wakes’

Print 1 and 2 – self-portrait manipulated using Photoshop ( with What You See also part of series which makes up complete work based on pre-conceptions and image)

The London Series:
Magnolia on the Streets of London

The Oxfordshire Series:
Flame Tree – Oxford Botanical Gardens, UK
No Monet – Oxford Botanical Gardens, UK
The Night Before Christmas – Oxford Botanical Gardens, UK
Highway to Heaven – Clifton Hampden, Oxfordshire, UK
Private Bank – Goring, Oxfordshire, UK
All Locked Out – Newbury, W. Berkshire, UK
The Other Henley – Henley, Oxfordshire, UK
A Quiet Spot – Goring, Oxfordshire, UK
Silent Marching – Wittenham Clumps Oxfordshire, UK, site of many fortresses over the centuries, including Ancient Roman
A Rose by any Other Name – Cooling Towers, Didcot Oxfordshire, Uk – in a few years time, these will have disappeared totally from the landscape, surprisingly to the dismay of many people!

Oxford – The Usual Views:
Bridge of Sighs? – Oxford, UK
My Punting Days are Over? – Magdalen Bridge, Oxford,UK
A Bit Theatrical? – Sheldonian, Oxford, UK
A Higher Education? – Bodleian Quad, Oxford, UK

The Lock Series:
All Locked Out – Newbury, W. Berkshire, UK

The Salies Series (Salies de Bearn, France):
Saucy Salies, Not So Saucy Salies and Sedate Salies, Salies de Bearn, France – different people see places according to their own experiences
A Moment For Reflection, A Moment for Reflection 2, Salies de Bearn, France, Famous for the stream that flows through the village – and it’s natural themal salt pool
Rickety Barn, Ancient houses, still occupied, where the floor takes off at its own angles

Country Life – photographic collage using exposures and negatives
The Vicar’s Bird – mock up of book cover – using photography and Photoshop

Tenebrae 5a, Photograph of own drawing, photomanipulated.